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Ultimo Agregado

Ultimo Agregado

miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Cher - Half Breed [HQ]

Cher - Half Breed [HQ]

My father married a pure Cherokee
My mother's people were ashamed of me
The Indians said I was white by law
The white man always called me "Indian Squaw"

Half-breed, that's all I ever heard
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
Half-breed, she's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

We never settled, went from town to town
When you're not welcome you don't hang around
The other children always laughed at me
"Give her a feather, she's a Cherokee"


We weren't accepted and I felt ashamed
Nineteen I left them, tell me who's to blame
My life since then has been from man to man
But I can't run away from what I am

Chorus 2x

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